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Doctors Attach Non-Conjoined Twins After Tense Operation

imageSurgeons at a Sydney hospital have successfully joined two non-conjoined six month old twins after a grueling seventeen hour operation. “We are elated to report that the two boys have been stitched together at the hip and expect them to fully recover and go on to lead a full and healthy life,” said Dr Philomena […]


Surgeons perform nation’s first uterus transplant

imageThe surgery is aimed to be a solution for women with Uterine Factor Infertility.

Man Receives First 3D Printed Neck Vertebrae Implant

3dprinttitaniumimplantAs 3D printing technology continues to take the medical field by storm, 3D printed implants fit for human use have risen into prominence. From functional ear replacements to spinal implant parts, researchers are finding that 3D printing can potentially help mend almost any part of the human body. Now, it appears that tumors are next […]

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