Know Your Body: The Pec Minor

Sustainable Exercise

pec minorWe talked last week about the pectoralis major (pec) muscle (the square looking muscle on the upper chest). What many people do not realize is that the “pecs” are not alone. There is actually have a second set – the pectoralis minor. This muscle is much smaller and lies beneath the pec major at the corner of the chest. While smaller, the pec minor can be much more troublesome, especially when it comes to posture. Much of the tension felt through the upper back, shoulders, and neck after a stressful day or hours at the computer is also made possible by the pec minor at the front of the chest – when it is short and tight, it can create pull on the structures of the shoulder, leading to tension there are well. That being said, when it has normal tension and good length, it does serve a useful purpose: though small, it plays…

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