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The last time I donned wearable technology was a Casio calculator watch in 1982. Now with the new technology, I can go from converting metrics to collecting my own personal biometrics.

imageWhat Is It About Wearable Technology That Excites People?
The answer is data. We LOVE collecting personal data that can be analyzed and graphed, revealing details of our daily lives. So naturally devices that collect personal biometric data would be popular among the fitness and tech crowds. Fitness bands can do an array of metric measuring such as heart rates, step count, calories burned and some even track sleep patterns. Most bands alert you when your daily goal has been met or remind you to get moving. All this data can be synched to a smart phone, tablets or PC and if desire, you can share your metrics with others to add a “gaming” element to your fitness.


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Depression is Real!



Depression is a serious health challenge.  I have learned from personal experience multiple causes for it.  I will not deny that many of the reasons for depression are out of your control mentally, however I must extend that there a multitude things that can aid in the means of controlling it…

Please read more in detail of one way in particular to assist one with depression.

Some of the reasons why exercise may be an effective way to combat depression:
Releases “feel-good” brain chemicals (neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids)
Reduces immune-system chemicals that have been implicated in depression
Increases body temperature, which may provide a sense of calm, reducing anxiety
Helps you deal with your depression in a healthy, productive way
Boosts self-confidence, which can make you feel better about yourself
May provide for more social interaction, improving your mood

If you’re feeling depressed, take it seriously. Talk to your doctor…

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