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Monsters and Molecules

Today, something amazing happened. There I was, 3 hours and and 45 minutes into listening to insect presentations from my peers (I myself presented on Muscid flies, and I may share my proposed experiment with you once I have time to draw one), when my phone started blinking. Worried that it was one of my teammates struggling with our animation project, I quickly checked it. Email! From Science Borealis! Saying that Monsters and Molecules had been selected for the Editors Choice Awards!

I have never struggled so hard to sit still as I did for the following 20 minutes.

Most of my work as of late have been thumbnail sketches of insects (for my lab “cheat sheet”) and various parts of my upcoming Vaccine Animation (!which will be up for viewing on the Dec. 11, stay tuned!). That said, I do have something very special to share today…

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