Exam 4: Lower Limb

P equals MD

Try not to let the apathy roll back in during this unit in the gross lab. It’s going to be different from unit three, and remarkably less exciting. However, the dissections are rather… gruesome. We had our genital dissection on Halloween: trick or treat!? The first few dissections in the perineal region are kind of difficult and boring. Day one: it’s a lot of fat and anus going on down there. Get comfy.

Now if you haven’t yet realized the blinding brilliance that is Dr. Goebel, you certainly will see it this unit; because where the sun doesn’t shine, Goebel does. The perineum is a complex arrangement of fascia and muscular layers and, honestly, it is a real mess down there. He has constructed some FANTASTIC diagrams that will save your ass this unit. I redrew them with different colored pens to represent the different fascia layers; or you can…

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