Muscles of the Face: Temporalis and Masseter

Rachel Carter

I have decided to do a number of posts focusing on different muscles and how they work.  Today I am looking at two: the temporalis and masseter.

001Skull front

The temporalis is the muscle that covers the temples, or the squishy areas beside the eyes on the side of the head.  It is relatively flat and fan shaped and attaches to the temporal fossa on one side and the mandible on the other.  It inserts itself behind the zygomatic arch to attach to the mandible.  Normally, it is a muscle that is covered by hair but on those with no hair you can see it bulge ever so slightly when the jaw moves.  The temporalis has two functions, one is to help elevate the mandible when closing and opened jaw.  It also can assist in a retraction movement, pulling the jaw back from a pushed forward position.


The masseter is the main…

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