Eating healthy is cheaper than you think.

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Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) crunched the numbers and it’s official: the healthiest diets cost just $1.50 more than unhealthy diets.

 While cost is an issue in when it comes to adding more fresh produce and leaner meats such as fish in your daily diet, few studies have actually evaluated how much more expensive a healthier diet might be. An analysis of 27 studies from 10 higher income countries that compared price points for healthy and less healthy diets. The price differences per serving and per 200 calories for a variety of specific foods, as well as prices per day and per 2,000 calories, which is the average daily recommended caloric intake for U.S. adults.

The results confirm that healthier fare, like fruits, veggies and fish are more expensive than unhealthy foods like processed meals and snacks and refined grains.  However, swapping out some of these less expensive, and less healthy foods, for fresher and more nutritious ones added up to only about $1.50 more per day.

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