The Future of Medicine: 6 New Technologies Transforming the Field

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Current research reveals exciting possibilities as technology and healthcare continue to advance. Here’s a look at six technologies revolutionizing the medical field:

3D printing: California-based research company Organovo has printed human liver tissue to test drug toxicity on specific sections of the liver. Although printing organs for transplants may still be far off, this technology could be used in the near future with individual patients to test their toxicity reactions to specific drugs.

Artificial intelligence: IBM’s Watson is just the first step toward using artificial intelligence in medicine. The supercomputer, which defeated two human champions on “Jeopardy!” two years ago, is now being used to diagnose and manage lung cancer treatment. Imagine a computer that could evaluate and analyze a patient’s entire genome, biometric data and environmental and personal data, including diet and activity level. The quantity of information is too much for a person to analyze efficiently, so adding an artificial intelligence component could help achieve a new level of understanding…….

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